Military Divorce Laws

Military members and their spouses can file for a divorce in many ways, including the state where the nonmilitary spouse resides, the state where the military member is stationed, or the state where the military member claims legal residency. Though military divorce follows the most common divorce procedures as civilians, there are some noticeable differences.  […]

Do Women Pay Alimony and Child Support?

There’s a misconception that men are the ones who always have to pay child support and alimony. Now, more women are finding themselves paying for both alimony and child support. According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, four in 10 lawyers have seen an increase in women paying for alimony. This spike in women […]

What To Do If Your Ex Isn’t Paying Child Support

The stress of your divorce has been catching up with you as of late. Between getting your mental health back in order, setting time aside for yourself, and explaining to your family and friends why your marriage has ended, you just wish this entire process could come to an end already. Not to mention, you […]

How Do Visitation Rights Work?

If you’re a parent going through a divorce, your main concern is your child and their future. Explaining divorce to your child is difficult enough, but now you must worry about your child’s development being impacted by the divorce. If you’re the non-custodial parent to your child, you don’t have to worry about not being […]

How To Budget for Child Support

Single parents face a lot of adversity. Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned veteran, it is an uphill battle for most. One factor that makes the single parent hill difficult to climb is the ability to budget for child support. Whether you are paying the child support or receiving it, there is a […]

Divorce with an Attorney Who Has Been There

Divorce stories generally don’t start with a happy beginning. There is a reason why you are searching for divorce attorneys and it isn’t because you and your spouse are looking for the next step in your lives together. Our Divorce Attorney, Christopher M. Ault, at the Ault Firm, a Professional Corporation in Salt Lake City, […]

3 Tips For Fathers On How To Connect With Your Child After Divorce

For any parent, one of the most painful things about their divorce is how it affects their relationship with their children. Correct me if I’m wrong but fathers feel this pain more acutely than mothers for several reasons: Gender stereotypes and biases in the family court system in Utah cause fathers to lose child custody […]

What you need to know about child custody and child support

Going through a divorce often isn’t smooth sailing. It can be an extremely stressful time in your life. It can get very complex and emotionally, especially with your kids involved. If you’ve never gone through it before you may not know how child custody or child support works. Legal custody is where the parent has […]

How Does Remarriage Affect Child Support? Answered By Attorney

Here at the Ault Firm, our Salt Lake City child support attorney has recently received a question that reads, “How does remarriage affect my child support payments?” One of our readers wrote: “My ex-wife (and the parent of my child) recently remarried a man who earns about 5x more than I do. Since her remarriage, […]

$65,000 in Backed Child Support, DNA Argues Otherwise

Normally, a court will determine paternity by issuing a DNA test. This will prove or disprove who the father of the child is. In an interesting turn of events DNA is not sufficient to get Gabriel Cornejo out of paying child support. Over ten years ago, the mother of the child testified in court that […]