Divorce stories generally don’t start with a happy beginning. There is a reason why you are searching for divorce attorneys and it isn’t because you and your spouse are looking for the next step in your lives together. Our Divorce Attorney, Christopher M. Ault, at the Ault Firm, a Professional Corporation in Salt Lake City, understands the complexity of divorce because he has been through it himself. As a single father of three children, Divorce Attorney Christopher M. Ault knows what the road of divorce looks like and he is very empathetic to your situation.

Our Divorce Attorneys at the Ault Firm, a Professional Corporation are very accepting of new clients. We don’t mean acceptance of their problem because that is what we work with, but we are very accepting to who our clients are as people. We understand the emotional stress and distress that comes with splitting up from an intimate partner because you are not alone. It is not an unfamiliar statistic: 40-50% of American marriage end in divorce. The rate increases for second and third marriages. This may not be comforting to read now, but it should bring some perspective. Divorce happens and if you are going to go through it for the first time why not choose professionals who also have the first-hand experience?

What To Expect When You Divorce

Our Salt Lake City Divorce Attorneys will help guide you through the legal process of divorce. Choosing to end the relationship is the worst part. Everything that comes afterward is part of how you choose to handle it and part how good your attorneys are fighting for you. In the state of Utah, it is required to go through mediation before you bring divorce issues to court. In these conversations, we will talk about alimony, property, and child support. All these conversations are separate issues in a divorce and require different amounts of money.

Be prepared. Divorce can be costly. Because our Divorce Attorneys have personal experience, we have come up with a system that creates flat fees for our clients to ensure that they are getting efficient representation for the best price. After working in the area of Salt Lake City for 11 years, Christopher Ault and his staff gathered all the divorce cases and assessed what the average cost was. They discovered that the cost for divorce didn’t really change over time nor did it change greatly from one case to the next. Therefore, it made sense, and order to be conscious of our clients’ financial status, we started to implement the flat fee.

Because we are so experienced in this field, we have flat fees for each aspect of divorce such as child custody or if divorce needs to go to mediation or court. This is why working with our Divorce Attorneys will work out the best for you. We know emotional the complexity of divorce, the legal documentation of divorce, but more importantly, we are sensitive to the financial piece of divorce. Please call 801-539-9000 or click here to discuss how we can better support you through this hard time in your life.