Termination of Parental Rights

When getting a divorce a major concern is that of the welfare of minor children.  Their needs, health, happiness, benefit and well-being must be considered and put above other considerations.  After all, children cannot address these issues for themselves and we as parents and adults need to ensure children’s needs are met and their welfare […]

Legal Separation or Divorce – What is Best for Me?

Did you know under Utah law you can file for a legal separation rather than an actual divorce?  Legal separations are different from divorce in that you remain married to your spouse.  Essentially, you will live apart from your spouse but will remain married under Utah law.  In Utah, legal separations also in effect for […]

I Got Served with Divorce Papers, What Now?

If you have been served with divorce papers, then you need to handle things seriously and make the right, smart decisions that will be in your best interest. Even if you’re expecting a divorce, remember that the way that you respond can completely impact the outcome of your case. We know, dealing with divorce papers […]

Top 6 Reasons for Divorce

Marriage is not always easy. Unfortunately, even couples with the best intentions often end up divorcing. With nearly half of all marriages ending in divorce, there are many reasons why couples choose to separate. The following are six of the most common reasons. 1. Infidelity Perhaps the most common reason for divorce is infidelity. Infidelity […]

How To Handle Life After Divorce

Up to half of all marriages end in divorce, but that doesn’t make it any less devastating. Figuring out how to navigate new financial, social, and emotional territory can be stressful and intimidating. Fortunately, with time, even the most damaging of wounds can heal. Understanding the healing process will help speed up the path to […]

Estate Planning Considerations in Utah Divorce

Far and away, the most common wills in Utah (and across America, I would guess) say something like this: If I die before my spouse, all my property goes to him when I die. If my spouse dies before I do, my property goes to my children in equal shares. It’s popular for good reason: […]

Asset Protection in a Utah Divorce

When clients come to our firm, two of their biggest concerns are protecting their assets and of course, avoiding financial ruin. They know that divorce touches bank accounts, savings, retirement accounts, pensions, investments, real estate, and even entire businesses, but to what extent exactly, they’re not entirely sure. In fact, fears of “losing it all” […]

Mother’s Rights in Utah

Although Utah is a seemingly conservative state, there are still some benefits available to mothers, whether single or married. It is important mothers seek legal representation from a qualified Salt Lake City mother rights attorney with experience on important family law matters such as child custody, child visitation, child support, and so on. An experienced […]

Why Handling a Divorce Without an Attorney is a Bad Idea

There are plenty of people throughout Salt Lake City who take pride in being self reliant. While you may be handy with tools, divorce is not something you want to do alone. Here’s the truth. Unless you are a highly-skilled legal professional, it is extremely important to seek representation from a divorce attorney that can […]