Marriage is not always easy. Unfortunately, even couples with the best intentions often end up divorcing. With nearly half of all marriages ending in divorce, there are many reasons why couples choose to separate. The following are six of the most common reasons.

1. Infidelity

Perhaps the most common reason for divorce is infidelity. Infidelity is often cited as being the turning point in a marriage that drives couples to file for a divorce. Usually, couples have already been experiencing issues prior to extramarital affairs such as anger, resentment, growing apart, or lack of intimacy. Underlying issues like these are often what causes a spouse to cheat. From there, infidelity creates deep wounds that are sometimes irreparable.

2. Communication Issues

Good communication is the foundation for a strong marriage. Every couple will experience disagreements, but if issues frequently go unresolved, this can ultimately be a cause for divorce. A lack of effective communication impacts all aspects of marriage. On the other hand, individuals who feel supported and understood will experience higher levels of marital satisfaction. Remember that marriage is a team effort, and it is crucial to try to see the other person’s point of view in order to succeed.

3. Financial Problems

It is not usually a lack of money that drives couples apart, but rather, a lack of compatibility in the financial department. Among the highest reported reasons for marital arguments are money-related issues. The popular saying of “opposites attract” can be unsettling when it is concerning money. For example, when one partner is a saver and the other is a serious spender, arguments are bound to ensue. Everything from spending habits to financial goals can strain a marriage.

4. Lack of Shared Vision

Having shared interests and goals is essential for a strong marriage. Couples that find ways to intentionally spend time together are less likely to grow apart. It is important for partners to share a general consensus for what they want to achieve in their marriage and lives. A difference in opinion of goals, dreams, and even some interests can drive couples to disconnected. As couples become less compatible, they often file for a divorce.

5. Lack of Commitment

Marriage is the ultimate commitment. The beginning of a new marriage marks feelings of hope, joy, and love. However, as real life sets in, it is normal to feel a dip in mood. Couples start to notice more of their differences as they create a home together, establish goals, and budget finances. More serious issues may arise as well. Without a solid level of commitment, partners may be unwilling to put in the necessary work to resolve differences. Marriage counselors can help improve communication skills however, even the highest of trained professionals cannot fix a marriage where participants are unwilling to change.

6. Domestic Violence

Emotional or physical abuse is a sad reality for some couples. Many victims describe their abuse as something that developed over time. They will usually experience periods of more intense cycles of abuse followed by strong remorse. Couples divorce when they are able to receive the help necessary to break away from this devastating situation. If you or someone you know is experiencing any degree of domestic violence, please call the domestic hotline at 1-800-799-7233.


Marriage is not a walk in the park. Even couples with the best intentions can end up divorcing if they are unable to overcome challenges. Infidelity, communication issues, financial disagreements, a lack of commitment and shared vision, and domestic violence are among the top reasons for divorce. It is important to practice kindness, good communication, and align your life goals to preserve the longevity and quality of your relationship.