Divorce settlements and court orders are clear and to the point. They are black and white; there is no gray area. You and your former spouse are both required to comply with the conditions in the divorce settlement. However, not all parties are always compliant. When this occurs, legal representation from a family law attorney to file an enforcement order is helpful to ensure your court-ordered arrangements are honored.


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What is an Enforcement Order?

Once the court makes a ruling, both parties are expected to abide by the requirements listed. In some cases, one of the parties fails to meet these court-ordered obligations and needs to be held responsible. An enforcement order is a solution many people use to handle these types of situations. 

When a person does not comply with the court-ordered obligations and is issued an enforcement order, the court will use alternative methods to force that party into following through on their responsibilities.  


Everyday Situations Where Enforcement Orders Are Used

Enforcement orders are very common among former spouses where the noncustodial parent is not paying their child support. When this situation occurs, the custodial parent may file a violation petition or an enforcement order that informs the court of the other parties’ negligence.

Additional common situations include an ex refusing to pay alimony or are entirely disregarding the terms written out in their divorce settlement. Moreover, if an individual is not complying with the child custody or visitation agreements, an enforcement order may be used.


What Might an Enforcement Order Involve?

If the court finds the evidence and testimony to support the fact that an individual is violating the court-ordered terms, they may impose the following penalties:



Why is a Family Law Attorney Beneficial in These Situations?

Enforcement orders are often a complicated legal procedure, and most people are not familiar with the specifics involved. Additionally, individuals may not understand their rights when it comes to enforcing their divorce settlements. Often, people feel powerless when dealing with a noncompliant ex. An enforcement attorney can help you negotiate with the other party on your behalf, pursue the legal enforcement of the court’s orders, and assist in filing a motion requesting compliance. 



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