After a divorce is finalized, your relationship with your ex-spouse does not necessarily end, especially when you and your ex-spouse share children. Finding the right balance between you and your ex when it comes to parenting together can be tricky. But, for the sake of your children, it is crucial.


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Determine What Success Means for You

You and your ex-spouse love your children very much and want the best for them. Together, you and your ex need to determine what successful co-parenting will look like for you. “Successful” is relative and will be different for every family. Define your big-picture-goal and make a plan on how to get there. This may include shared holidays and family gatherings, being kind and respectful, too (and of) one another, among many other things.


Put Your Kids First

Co-parenting is not about you or your ex. It is about your children: their needs, their health, and their happiness. Put your negative feelings and opinions for your ex aside. Keeping your kids’ feelings and wellbeing at the forefront of your mind will help you get through the tough and frustrating moments.


Lead with Empathy

Co-parenting is not easy. It is not easy for you, your ex, or your children. When navigating your situation, do your best to lead with empathy. Doing so will make co-parenting a touch easier. Try to walk a mile in their shoes. When your ex-spouse is expressing frustration or concern, remember they have feelings also. They love your children, as well. When your children are missing your ex, let them express their feelings. Communicating and interacting with empathy will give you a much more successful outcome.


Be Respectful

In addition to being empathetic, a successful co-parent is respectful. Make sure you communicate respectfully to your ex-spouse. It is easy to let your emotions take the wheel at times, but you should always speak respectfully to each other. Make sure you talk politely and positively about your ex-spouse to others, especially your kids. Never express to them any negative feelings you may have. Make sure you are respectful of your ex-spouse’s time with your children. If your kids only have a couple of days with the other parent, make sure you are not infringing too much on their limited time together. Do all things with respect.


Use the Tools

Take advantage of the apps and online tools available for co-parenting. Easily manage schedules, important information, expenses, and even use them to communicate with one another. Applications like these will help keep you and your ex organized and on the same page as one another, helping avoid miscommunications and unnecessary feelings of frustration.

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