The road after divorce does not necessarily get easier, unfortunately. Ex-spouses that share custody of their children must carry on some relationship after they have divorced to co-parent their children successfully. Co-parenting is not for everyone and requires hard work, patience, and dedication. Today, we are discussing what to do and what to avoid doing when it comes to co-parenting.

If you and your ex-spouse are co-parenting your children, continue reading.


The Do’s of Co-Parenting

There are several things you can do that will help the co-parenting cause:

Do Be an Example — Children are incredibly intuitive. They pick up on nonverbal communication and cues just as much as verbal ones. Make sure you are an example to them of love, respect, patience, and kindness. Your ex might even notice your actions and may take a page out of your book.

Do Set Rules and Expectations — Rules, expectations, and boundaries will help you and your ex navigate any interactions more smoothly. Not only should you set these with each other, as ex-spouses, but also agree on a set of rules and expectations for your children that are consistent within both homes. Children thrive on routine and structure.

Do Remember What Matters — It is important to remember what matters in this situation. Surely there will be times of frustration and disappointment throughout your co-parenting journey. However, you should do your best to remember what matters most and always to put your children first. The focus of you and your ex should be the wellbeing of your kids. Doing so will assist in keeping interactions and communication positive.


The Don’ts of Co-Parenting

In addition to things that will help the cause, there are things you can avoid doing that might hurt the cause:

Do Not Forget to Communicate — Clear, open, and honest communication is crucial in co-parenting. You and your ex-spouse will be much more successful co-parents if you remember to communicate with one another.

Do Not Involve Your Kids — Children should not be the messenger for you or your ex. Do not discuss any issues that will undoubtedly arise. These conversations should be kept between the adults and should not involve your children.

Do Not Let Your Negative Feelings Get the Best of You — It is not uncommon for exes to have feelings of anger or animosity towards one another. Do not let your children suffer because of it. Do not speak badly about the other parent in front of your kids.


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