If you have decided to get a divorce, your search for a divorce attorney has likely begun. Before hiring a lawyer, you will probably meet for a consultation or a case review. This meeting will help you clear up any questions, concerns, and insecurities. So you are prepared for this appointment, you may want to bring along with a few things.

Do you know what you should take to your divorce consultation? Learn more below. 

Pay Stubs and Bank Statements

You should bring your last six pay stubs with you to your first meeting as well as your personal and shared bank statements. Bank statement information and paystubs can help estimate potential alimony.

Tax Documents

Bring along your tax documents and returns. Whether you and your spouse file jointly or separately, these documents hold a lot of information that offers a lawyer a more accurate idea and thorough understanding of your financial situation.

Pension Plans

Depending on where you and your spouse are in life, you may have pension plans set up. If you and your spouse do have a 401(k) plan, Individual Retirement Account (IRA), or another pension plan, take along your plans’ most recent statements.

Other Legal Documents

Bring any other important legal documents with you that are pertinent. Materials such as prenuptial agreements, separation agreements, documents from legal proceedings that involve your family, loan documents, real estate appraisals, insurance (life, home, etc.) policies, living wills, your family’s social security cards, etc.


While incriminating evidence may not necessarily affect the outcome of your case, you should bring any proof you have. If you have videos, photos, or other evidence of things such as abuse or cheating, your attorney will want to see them.

Any Questions and Concerns

Your initial consultation is a good time to get any questions you have answered. These questions can be about anything, ranging from, “What should I expect during this process?” To, “How much experience as an attorney do you have?” Write your questions down during the days and weeks before your meeting as you think of them. It may be challenging to remember all your questions on the spot.

An Open Mind

Now that you have decided to divorce your spouse, you may have thought up your ideal post-divorce scenario. Chances are your divorce settlement, custody schedule, amount of alimony due, etc. will not exactly match what you have thought up. There is not a cookie-cutter for divorces; each divorce looks different from the last. Set yourself up for success by going into your initial case review with an open mind of what the outcome of your divorce might look like.

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