Some people seeking a divorce are in a rush to file a petition before their spouse. Many believe that being the first to file is crucial. However, it does not matter who initially files a divorce petition. The process is ultimately the same, whether you file first or not. Both filing first and being served papers come with advantages and disadvantages.

Read more about the advantages of filing first and being served divorce papers below.

Advantages of Filing for Divorce First

The person that files the initial divorce petition is referred to as the petitioner. There are a handful of advantages to being the petitioner. Here are a few:

Advantages of Being Served Divorce Papers

The person who is served with divorce papers is referred to as the respondent. Many people believe there are disadvantages to being the respondent and that there are not any benefits. However, being the respondent does have its own set of advantages. Here are some:

Remember, the respondent has 21 days to respond if served in Utah and 30 days if you were served outside of Utah. Given the short timeline, you may want to consider seeking the advice and counsel of a legal representative as soon as you are served. Failing to respond within the 21 or 30 days may lead to the court granting a default judgment. A default judgment means giving the petitioner what they have requested.

Petitioner vs. Respondent

Whether you are the petitioner or the respondent, you will be heard. Overall, it does not matter if you are the one to file or if you are not. The petitioner and the respondent are considered equals in Utah law, and both parties will be able to speak their case to the court. 

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