Everyone knows celebrity who has adopted a child. From Angelina Jolie to Sandra Bullock, we see that adopting children is becoming a more acceptable practice. This is great news! We here at The Ault Firm are thrilled to know that you are seeking an adoption. Christopher M. Ault is a father of three who understands the pains, but mostly the joys, of parenting. He is also aware that adopting is no easy feat. There are many hoops to jump, but the Ault Firm is confident in helping Salt Lake City families complete their family circles.

Choosing to adopt is a life changing decision. Here are some helpful statistics to get a better understanding of what adoption looks like in the United States:

These statistics show the increasing trend to adopt as well as the increasing cost and complication. Despite the United States being the most open to adoption, there regulations surrounding adoption are not easy to follow. This is why hiring Christopher M. Ault to help you with your adoption needs is important. Having an adoption attorney can ensure an easier adoption process to get your closer to having the family of your dreams.

Adoption Options in Salt Lake City

The Ault Firm is well qualified to help you complete your family through private adoptions, Human Department of Services, and Federal Adoption Programs. The Ault Firm is experienced in all three. Here are some (not exhaustive) legal issues you need to consider when looking into adoption as provided through the National Adoption Center:

Each one of these bullet points carries its own rules and regulations. As fist time adopters you may find this list daunting to look at, but having attorney on this journey will help ensure that you are meeting every necessary goal in your adoption journey.

Other things to consider is that adoption doesn’t always have to be baby. If you are seeking adoption after fostering a child, teen, or adult then there are other complications. When a child has been through the foster system for a few years there is a paper trail which may be hard to find related to the child’s physical and mental health. Having an attorney by your side can ease the stress of finding these documents.

Adoption Options

Adoption Lawyers are not legally able to provide you with a matching services. However, they can assist you in navigating contested adoptions, interstate adoptions, international adoptions, birth parent representation, birth parent relinquishment, grandparent or relative adoptions, and foster care adoptions. The Salt Lake City Adoption Attorney, Christopher M. Ault, can help you complete the family of your dreams. Call The Ault Firm at 801-539-9000 for a better understanding of your adoption needs.