Some relationships come to an end right away while others may take a while to reach that point. A legal separation is often the best route for couples who don’t feel ready to untie the knot yet. There are times when a legal separation allows divorcing parties to rethink their lives by reconciling or resuming their marriage. This approach is generally taken by couples with a religious background or couples who have financial reasons such as keeping insurance coverage or military benefits.

Financial benefits

One of the greatest advantages of a legal separation include the financial benefits such as being able to deduct alimony as long as the spouses are not in the same household. In order to take advantage of these benefits, the legal separation must be legal. You can also file jointly on the taxes when you are married. For some couples, it is more beneficial filing jointly.

Another common advantage to choosing a legal separation as the best legal route is the insurance benefits you can keep. Insurance plans generally cover only married couples. In other words, if you are not married you and your kids will not receive these benefits. The same is true for military benefits. You are required to stay married for at least 10 years before being able to qualify for military insurance and death benefits. The same rule applies to Social Security benefits.

An opportunity to set out the terms for your divorce

A legal separation is a great opportunity to set out the terms of your divorce in advance. There are things divorcing parties wish to discuss prior to untying the knot but perhaps they don’t have sufficient time to do so. A legal separation can also include details related to child custody arrangements, debts, property division, and financial support. It is important you go over these terms with your Salt Lake City legal separation attorney. In order for the legal separation to be valid, it needs to be signed by both spouses.

Religious reasons

Divorce is forbidden in some religions. Couples with strong religious beliefs may not want to get divorced but rather take some time apart to think things over. There is a 14% of couples who choose a legal separation and end up being reunited. A legal separation provides an independent life while keeping their married status and being accepted into the religious community.

Getting legal help

Although not every legal separation case is the same, there are several things your Salt Lake City legal separation attorney can do to make the whole process easier. The most important thing is to avoid unnecessary arguments with your former spouse during the separation. Stay calm and handle the whole process amicably. If you are considering a legal separation, call us today and schedule your initial case assessment. Remember a separation agreement should be taken seriously as it could become your divorce agreement.