Parents always want children nearby. In their homes. They’re rightfully selfish about sharing children with other family members, and will often engage in custodial spats with the other custodial parent. It’s understandable, given today’s societal instability. That said, children should have equivalent access to both parents to balance their upbringing, but often get tossed between both parents wanting full custody.

You’ve probably talked to an experienced Salt Lake City child custody attorney about your situation. Maybe you’re unwilling to budge on custody because another parent’s home isn’t close, or perhaps their home isn’t ‘savory’ in terms of location or cleanliness.

How can one compromise so children feel both parents’ love? Communication.

Talking does work. If you’re willing to listen.

Contentiousness doesn’t have to prevail. Parents may not meet in the middle on every matter, but there’s always the element of ‘give and take’ in custody tiffs. Question is, are you willing to listen to what’s being offered?

Maybe joint custody isn’t feasible, but something similar is. Maybe dad gets son Friday through Sunday and daughter after school until dinner. Or, maybe overnights for both kids can happen during the week to accommodate upcoming trips or extended family visits. There’s always common ground in custody battles, provided two people are willing to crawl until they discover it.

Both sides could be unwilling to budge, but begin dialogue with each other which can lead to something finalized shortly thereafter. Hey, it’s a start.

Try mediation, if need be.

Some firms have a court-approved mediation specialist doubling as a Salt Lake City child custody attorney. For those seeking third-party intervention, this arrangement could work wonders.

Mediators offer something more relaxed than coffee shops or park benches where tensions run high. Often taking place in conference rooms or the attorney’s office, mediation allows two sides to state their cases and ‘wish lists’, with the other party concurring or objecting to said demands. The attorney then offers their input on finding common ground, and dispute is settled.

Costs could be split equally, which saves both parents money. Agreements can be formalized then filed in Salt Lake County court, and everyone wins. Both parties should agree to mediation prior to seeking an expert child custody attorney in Salt Lake City.

Custody can be a tough nut to crack

Circling back to our initial statement, parents are greedy when it comes to sharing custody – especially moms. Given their natural ability to nurture and adapt to motherhood, women take the position of ‘mama bear’ who’ll protect her cubs at whatever cost. That translates to difficult, often heartbreaking custody battles with men.

Men and women can protect, love, and support children while living in separate homes. Co-parenting isn’t something taken off the internet; it’s been going on for centuries, and works wonderfully when both parents have ‘working’ relationships at worst. It may take mediation from your Salt Lake City child custody attorney, but co-parenting is always an option worth exploring.

Instead of engaging each other in contentious (and often fruitless) child custody battles, break down the iron curtain which your breakup or divorce put between you both, and talk through the situation to find that common ground your children so desperate want.