A new way to punish parents who owe back child support is by placing them on a list for all to see. The Louisiana Department of Children and Family services did just that recently and the list included close to 800 names. The worst part of this list it, all the parents are from Webster Parish. The list included 25 parents who know more than $50,000. The list includes unpaid child support over the last six months. The highest amount of back child support on the list is $133,488 followed by amounts of $93,893 and $87,002. This leaves the question of how parents even get to these outrageous amounts and what effect it has on the children. Unlike many other states, Louisiana just recently signed a bill that suspends delinquent child support parents licenses Not having to face penalties can be one of the reasons why the parents have been so behind on making payments. A Salt Lake City enforcement attorney can help get that back child support and ensure your child’s needs are being considered.

Penalties and Laws

Utah has various laws in place to enforce payment of child support to avoid such high amounts. Parents will have their state and federal income taxes garnished, driver’s and professional licenses are suspended. Parents wages, worker’s compensation and unemployment benefits will also be garnished. You can also have a passport renewal denied, suspended or revoked. The late payments will also be reported to credit bureaus and any lottery winning will be seized. Interest is not charged on child support payments. Utah works hard to enforce child support laws and keep children in healthy environments. By having so many laws and penalties in place and enforcing them it allows the children to receive the financial assistance they need every month and makes it harder for parents to fall behind.

Effects on the Child

Children need both parents in their lives and that also extends to a financial level. A child support plan is established by the court that is fair to both parents. This money goes to help the child have a healthy, happy and secure upbringing. Some parents feel that the custodial parent uses the money for themselves or that it does not go to the child. even though this can happen there are other ways to fight this in court instead of not paying. It is your responsibility to provide for your child even when you do not live with the child. Some parents feel the child is not even there’s which the case will prove or disprove using a paternity test. Parents depend on child support to buy clothing, food, daycare and school supplies for their child. When you skip a month or two that puts a strain on the parent and child who depend on that money each month. If you want to modify your child support agreement contact a Salt Lake City child custody attorney to discuss your options.