Single parents don’t have it that easy, especially those with babies. Some like to wait until their children grow up to file for divorce but that’s not often the best approach. Babies still need to bond with both parents. It’s a challenge to create a visitation schedule that will meet the baby’s needs but it is possible with the help of an experienced Salt Lake City visitation attorney.

The process

While it is difficult knowing what to do under such circumstances, it’s a great opportunity to improve your parenting skills. It just takes time getting to know your baby’s way of communicating. The process is even more difficult for the non-custodial parent. But you must learn to trust the process. You will know what a certain cry means and will be able to figure out the best solution immediately.

The problem is when your former spouse comes in the picture. After all, the baby needs him too. Just remember the way your ex bonds with the baby may not be the same so you must be willing to accept parenting differences.

Baby steps

You may have to start with frequent visits so that your ex also has an opportunity to bond with the baby. Short visits a few times a week are generally best. Talk to your former spouse about important details such as feeding and sleeping routines. Make sure the visitation works for everyone, but above all it supports your baby’s needs.

Overnight visitation

This type of visitation is very convenient for non-custodial parents so they can spend more time with the baby while the custodial parent catch up on some sleep. But courts may not order this type of visitation until the child is 3 years old. It is important you ask your attorney about the overnight laws in your state and whether they apply to your specific situation.

The problem with breastfeeding moms

It can be even more difficult for breastfeeding moms to come up with the best visitation schedule. Perhaps you want longer visits but your former spouse is resistant. Other challenges such as having difficulty pumping can also get in the way making it almost impossible to determine the best arrangement for both parents.

If you are the non-custodial parent and your former spouse is coming up with excuses for you not to see the baby, talk to her. Is it just breast-feeding problems or are there other issues involved? Perhaps she is open to pumping breast milk that way you can spend more uninterrupted time with the baby. You can also supplement formula if that’s necessary.

So what’s the best visitation schedule?

The most important thing is to be consistent and allow frequent visits. Your attorney can help you establish the visitation schedule that meets your family’s needs. After all, developing a lasting relationship with your kids should be the goal.