Many people in the state of Utah are in long-term, committed relationships that are not officially married. These relationships are known as common-law marriages. While these couples are not legally married, they still face many of the same challenges and obstacles as married couples when their relationship ends — including the division of assets and property, as well as child custody issues.

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Utah and Common Law Marriages

Utah does not have common law marriages (in fact, there are only a few states that recognize common-law marriages). Utah does, however, allow a person to petition the court to acknowledge their relationship as a marriage even though they do not have a marriage license. Recognition of the relationship may be requested at the end (or within a year of its end). Also, a petition to recognize the relationship can be filed during the relationship. 

Recognition Requirements

For Utah to recognize your relationship as a marriage, either partner must prove the following to the court:

Evidence of Consent

As previously mentioned, both partners are required to give consent for the court to recognize their relationship as a marriage. Moreover, they will need to supply evidence that supports their consent. The following list may prove consent:

Benefits of Utah Court Recognition 

There are a handful of reasons it is beneficial to have the court recognize your long-term relationship as a marriage. Married couples enjoy the many benefits of a legal marriage, including tax breaks, inheritance and survivor rights, spousal Social Security benefits, and more. As soon as the court determines that marriage exists, spouses will enjoy and have access to all of the benefits that come with marriage. Additionally, they will have legal divorce-related protections if the couple chooses to separate, including:


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