When facebook first started it was a revolution, a way to connect with friends and people you never thought imaginable to track down. But currently it’s constantly under scrutiny. While it is easy to share memories with the rest of the world, the nuisance like stalkers, ex-boyfriends and most scarily arguments between married and unmarried couple a like that it comes with is becoming more and more of an issue. Currently more than one third of divorces filed in the courts site facebook as a factor that played into their divorce.

How does facebook factor into divorce?

Not surprisingly the number one cause is where one partner is sending messages that are inappropriate to a member of the opposite sex, or even the same sex depending on your preference. It is a lesson still not learnt as to not putting inappropriate sexual and flirty messages in black and white to provide proof of their unfaithful behaviour.

In other cases where the couples were estranged but had not taken the decision to divorce yet, nasty comments publicly posted all over facebook to and about one another put the nail in the coffin. Sometimes behaviour is not noticed by the partner themselves, or the partner may not even have facebook and others chose to see and notify the partner of this behaviour, which then also resulted in an ultimate divorce.

While there are other social media websites and some of them have been cited as divorce the number is of divorce caused due to facebook tower over these. While facebook is cited in 33 percent of divorces, only twenty cases mentioned twitter.

When facebook is used against you in court:

While facebook is a major offender in causing marriage breakups it can also be used to slander the opposite party during the court proceedings when you are fighting for child custody, child and spousal payments and even splitting of assets. Lawyers are becoming more and more clued up on ways of how to use information extracted from facebook and other social media websites in order to defend their clients point of views.

What evidence can be used against you?

When it come sto evidence everything you post can be scrutinized. Some things a lawyer may use is:

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