Divorce is on the decline. In fact, Utah has the lowest number of divorces comparatively to other states in the United States. In fact, Utah also has the highest number of marriages too. The reason for this can’t really be qualified, but it may have to do with the fact that Utah is also one of the happiest states. Our state is ranked #1 for highest volunteerism, ranked lowest in heart attacks, ranked lowest in the number of working hours, ranked somewhat lowest in obesity, and ranked the third highest in sports participation. Furthermore, Utah was ranked #2 for the best work environments. So is it our overall state happiness that keeps couples together? Or is it that we are choosing our partners in more critical ways? Honestly, it is probably an amalgamation of all these things. But why does the Ault Firm in Draper want to discuss Utah’s low ranking in divorce? Well, because it shows that you have put in the serious work of deciding whether a divorce is the best option or not.

Divorce rates aren’t low because more people are getting married. We can speculate that divorce rates are low because people are taking more care into their marriages. They are doing real work to ensure that their relationships are thriving. Conversely, if you are divorcing then your first instinct may be to think that you have failed at your relationship. This is so far from the truth. To put it into perspective, if people are doing more work than ever in their relationship then if your outcome is still divorce then you and your partner are absolutely making the right choice for you and your family.

Our Divorce Attorney at the Ault Law Firm in Draper understands the roller coaster ride that is divorce. Christopher Ault, Divorce Attorney, knows first hand what it is like to divorce because he too has been through it. So why go to a divorce attorney who knows the law, but doesn’t understand the emotional complexity of the situation? Our Divorce Attorney is not only top in the legal field but is also emotionally intelligent. We know how to get the process started in order to make the divorce as smooth of a process as possible.

When you and your spouse are deciding to break up there are many things to consider like child custody, visitation, spousal support, and subsequent modifications of those issues. Divorce doesn’t end when the claim has been processed. Divorce continues because we know that divorce isn’t the last big change your family will go through. Our Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney believes in following up on families in order to keep relationships and see when the family needs to work on modifications to situations such as child support or spousal support. Call 801-539-9000 or click here to schedule a conversation with an attorney who has first-hand knowledge of what you are going through. We are here to work for you and guide you through this emotional journey.