Here’s Your Survival Guide to Get Through This (And Not Go Nuts)

At any time of year, divorce is not exactly the most fun thing to do. But when it happens during the holidays – the time of year when you need to feel warmth from your family and loved ones the most – this is when it can get particularly ugly.

But it doesn’t have to. Our Salt Lake City divorce attorneys have prepared a handy survival guide to help you get through even the worst divorce and not go crazy in the process.

Before we get started, know this: you’re not alone.

Fact: for some reason, the holiday season – Christmas and New Year – are one of the most common times of years for divorces and breakups (no wonder why our divorce lawyers’ phones are ringing off the hook in December and January!).

If You Have Children…

Having bad holidays takes an even more tragic toll on children than on adults. If you’re divorcing and have children, do your best to come to your senses as soon as possible after either you or your spouse said, “I want a divorce.”

A divorce may be hard to swallow, but no need to make it rough on your children. You don’t want to ruin your kids’ holiday spirit. Instead, confront the elephant in the room right away: the other parent is not around, so you have to talk about it.

Be completely honest and explain to your children that things are changing in your family. Don’t make the mistake that many divorcing parents make: pretending that everything is the same. It’s not.

Our divorce attorneys at Ault Firm advise divorcing parents to agree on a holiday parenting time schedule in advance. Be willing to compromise and respect the other spouse’s right to spend at least some portion of the holidays with the children.

However, if you’re concerned that the other parent is dangerous for the kids – due to prior history of domestic or child abuse – hire a Salt Lake City divorce attorney to exercise all legal means to keep that parent away from the kids.

Also, a divorce lawyer will help you and the other parent agree on and document a holiday parenting time to avoid further conflicts (that’s the best option for parents who can’t agree on anything because they are not on speaking terms).

Keep in mind that your children deserve to have a joyful Christmas and New Year’s Eve no matter how ugly your divorce is. It’s your duty – as a parent – to keep your children happy (and during a divorce, that means suppressing your own feelings of sadness and loss).

Also, consider creating new traditions during the holidays. You may have gotten used to doing certain things on Christmas or New Year’s Eve with your ex-spouse – but he or she is not around anymore.

Never go through a divorce alone, as it will most likely suck up your holidays (and will go well into 2018). Hire a divorce attorney who will make your divorce headaches go away and make it possible for you to enjoy the holidays.

Don’t Be Alone in a Divorce During Holidays

By isolating yourself from other people – your family and friends – you risk turning your holidays into a complete mess full of sobbing, depression, self-hatred, doubt and other things that don’t exactly cheer you up.

Instead, our Salt Lake City divorce attorneys advise you to be surrounded by people who love you and will help you go through the divorce during the holidays.

After all, distracting yourself with happy experiences is key to surviving a divorce during the holiday season. Watch the movies that you enjoy, go shopping, unwind in a bathtub, listen to Christmas-themed music… Devote the holidays to yourself.

That means distancing yourself from the divorce process as much as possible. Let divorce attorneys at Adult Legal handle your divorce proceedings in your best interests.

With our experienced divorce attorneys, who have represented thousands of clients over the past decades, you can spend the holiday season without having to read tons of legal books and worrying if you fill out all divorce- and custody-related papers properly.

And remember: no matter what happens, you move on and be happy. A divorce is just a little bump on the road.

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