Relationships are complicated, to begin with, and then you add moving in and combining assets to the mix, things are about to get even more complicated. For couples who make it through the first couple years of cohabitation but do not wish to get married may seek to petition the court for a common law marriage. This will help protect both couples financially and physically should the relationship end on poor terms. Even if the split was amicable, it can be a hassle to distribute assets and different things in the household. That is where a Salt Lake City common law attorney comes into play. They can help when things are still roses and butterflies to ensure that when the roses die and the butterflies fade away you can both move on with your lives successfully.

Petitioning the Court

Utah does not have laws on the books regarding common law marriage but couples can petition the court to recognize the relationship as a marriage. This does not require a legal license. Petitioning the court to recognize your common law marriage has its benefits. If he relationship were to end, you are both protected from any repercussions. There are few states that have official laws in place for common law marriages but most recognize common law marriages from other states. Others, like Utah, allow couples to petition the court to recognize their common law marriage.

Proof of Common Law Marriage

There are a few requirements to have your marriage be recognized. Both parties need to be of legal and in sound mind to provide consent. The couple must be residing together for a predetermined amount of time, typically five years. Living together symbolizes many things for couples like taking the next step in their relationship. You can live with someone for as long as you want and not be considered spouses. The key component is that both parties need to treat each other as spouses. The couple must also present each other to third parties as husband or wife. On the legal front, the couple must be capable of entering marriage without any legal obstacles.

How a Salt Lake City Common Law Marriage Attorney can help

An experienced Salt Lake City common law marriage attorney can first educate couples about their rights and forms of protection. The Ault Firm can help with issues concerning child support, child custody, military benefits along with the division of assets and property. Couples may think that should their relationship come to an end it will be easy to take what is theirs and move on. Usually, when the end of a relationship comes, people exhibit a different side of them and that tends to lead to problems. It is always safe to look out for your best interests regardless of how much you may be in love. You never know what can happen during an argument that leaves all the broken pieces on the floor.