No doubt fathers are very important in the lives of their children. They have been the primary authority in the home for centuries and the most influential figure in all family-related matters. After women joined the workforce, the roles began to change but fathers can still influence their children quite a lot. Whether at home, school, or anywhere else your children may be, make sure they know you love them and feel proud of them. If you are seeking to establish paternity in Salt Lake City, contact Salt Lake City paternity attorney Christopher M. Ault.

When dads are involved

Fathers start influencing their children since the day they are born and some say even before birth. Research shows that children with fathers involved in their lives tend to feel emotionally secure and confident as adults. Their social life and conflict resolution skills is also better. Problems get bigger as children age and if dad was not involved during those sweet childhood years, he or she will feel less confident to deal with stressful situations when growing up.

Everyday activities

As mundane as they may seem, everyday activities are important to building a strong relationship with your child.  Activities such as playing, having dinner together, going on trips, can also help in the child’s development. Who doesn’t remember that special time spent with dad at the beach? It’s priceless.


Fathers and mothers have different roles in the home. Oftentimes, dads will encourage independence, success, and competition while moms provide stability, balance, and teamwork. Girls look up to their dads. If they were gentle and loving, chances are these are the characteristics they will look for in men as adults. This is why a good interaction with their dad at an early age is so crucial. Boys like to imitate their dads. They see their dad’s approval for all important decisions  they make. Boys that come from abusive relationships tend to do the same thing when they grow up.

As more women join the workforce, the traditional family roles are changing. Also, the alarming divorce statistics coupled with lower birth rates, and the emerging family anatomy has opened the way for a more flexible approach to parenting roles. One thing is true, kids imitate their parents, and it’s important fathers start nurturing their relationship with their children earlier on.

Encouraging and protecting

Mothers generally encourage children to stay safe while fathers tell them to take risks. It’s a healthy balance a child needs to become an emotionally stable adult.  Fathers also like to protect their children. They will keep the bad influences and predators away. Unfortunately, statistics have shown that most girls that become pregnant during their teenage years had dads who weren’t involved much in their lives.

When disciplining

Everyone thinks mothers are the disciplinarian ones. However, dads tend to have a firmer hand when disciplining. They like confronting their children and keeping them safe. Mothers like talking to their children when disciplining. A child needs these two different approaches to keep a balance and stable behavior.

Become a super dad

Maybe it’s time you take that final step to establish your paternity. Your child needs you. There is so much you can offer. Contact a Salt Lake City paternity attorney to get more involved in your child’s life.