When going through divorce your biggest worry is your children and when and how often you will see them. While you may not for whatever reason want to interact with the other parent your time with your children is sacred and you never want to miss out. Unfortunately, recent statistics have found via a new study that dads that are Divorced and live in Republican-majority states receive significantly less custody time than those in Democrat-majority states and swing states.

What the statistics say about a father’s time with their children:

The new study by Custody X Change found that on average in any red republican state 32.1 percent of parenting time. Utah is even lower, with divorced fathers in the Beehive state getting an average of 26.2 percent of custody time. With red democratic states getting on average 36.6 percent custody time and swing states giving fathers 40.2 percent these numbers are a call for concern.

In fact, the Utah average of custody time is significantly lower than the average across the United States of 35 percent and almost half of that of surrounding states such as Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado who give up to fifty percent.

Custody schedules are detailed and complex, which makes them hard to compare,” Coltrin said. “However, it’s easy to see the state-by-state differences once you have a percentage for every state. … States that don’t currently award equal custody may increase time for dads once they see what’s happening across the country.” Custody X Change president Ben Coltrin said.

He also stated the reason for the research was to” affect the dialog taking place as states consider changing custody laws,”.

The worrying fact is that while custody rates are lower than that of the national average divorce rates are higher. In the United States, 3.1 out of a thousand marriages end in divorce whereas in Utah this is higher st 3.6 out of 1000. To add to this a recent bill that was passed took away the rights of the father especially in split-custody cases. The bill made it so that the parent with the more amount of time with the child was in charge of making decisions about the home residence of the child and where the child would go to school.

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