You may have heard of the free-range parenting trend, which is based on the philosophy that children should be allowed to explore and discover the world for themselves, but did you know that Utah has recently become the first state to adopt legislation supporting the hands-off parenting method? Under the new law, which was passed unanimously by both the Utah House and Senate, parents can no longer be charged for letting children walk outside by themselves, play outside with friends, go to the store without supervision, or wait in the car while a parent runs errands. However, there is a condition stating that the child in question must be of sufficient age to safely carry out these activities without adult supervision.

As it basically redefines what is legally considered to be neglect, could the new legislation have an impact on child custody cases? What can you do if one parent disagrees with the other’s interpretation of “sufficient age”, or the activities which a child is permitted to do alone? As there is, as yet, no precedence to draw on, those are not easy questions to answer, but you can be confident that a Salt Lake City child custody attorney from The Ault Firm can help secure the best possible outcome for you.

How a Salt Lake City Child Custody Attorney Can Help Your Case

Utah child custody cases can easily become messy, particularly as emotions are running high during a divorce. While every child custody case is different, one certainty is that the vast majority of parents do not want to give up custody of their child, and tensions can rise as discussions progress. The decision on whether sole custody or joint custody is awarded will depend on your individual circumstances but, in general, the factors which will be considered by the courts may include:

Whether your child custody case is as straightforward as it gets, or you are seeking to protect your child from a partner previously guilty of violence or abuse, a Salt Lake City child custody attorney can greatly increase your chances of achieving the outcome you want.

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While each child custody case needs to be considered individually, there is some general advice your Salt Lake City child custody attorney is sure to give you. This may include making sure not make disparaging remarks about your former spouse in front of the children, or do anything else that could make them feel they are being forced to choose between their parents.

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