If you have been through a divorce, or are about to embark on the journey, you will know that it is never an easy prospect. When you entered into the marriage, you thought it was forever, and that you and your spouse would eventually enjoy your retirement today – til death do us part, after all. Unfortunately, sometimes life has other plans and does not quite work out as you wanted it to. Whatever the reasons behind your divorce, the legal expertise of a Salt Lake City child custody attorney could help you, and your former spouse, come to an agreement that has the best interests of your children at heart.

While suitable child custody arrangements can be sorted in the majority of divorces, there will be occasions where the parents simply cannot come to an acceptable agreement. Should this happen in your Salt Lake City divorce case, you will be very glad you opted for an outstanding child custody attorney.

Utah State-Sponsored Visitation Schedule

In every divorce, there can be a variety of factors contributing to the child custody arrangements, including the child’s school, friendships they have developed in their local area, and perhaps the child’s own preferences. The parents’ working arrangements may also come into consideration, as well as the current living arrangements of each parent.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, the parents are unable to come to a mutually-beneficial arrangement, despite the best efforts of their Salt Lake City child custody attorneys. If this happens in your case, you may find that the court steps in and imposes the Utah state-sponsored visitation schedule. Non-custodial parents who are subject to this schedule should adhere to visitation during:

If you would like any clarification on this state-sponsored visitation schedule, and when it may be imposed by the courts, speak to a Salt Lake City child custody attorney for advice.

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