It is common for emotions to take over in family law disputes. This is particularly true for divorcees who want to keep their children. In some custody disputes, a parent kidnaps a child without thinking about the legal repercussions. It can be a heartbreaking process for the parent who lost the child. After relying on a good Salt Lake City child custody attorney, you will be able to figure out a better custody arrangement to prevent the same thing from happening in the future.

What is kidnapping?

This is when a child is taken away against his or her will. Parental abduction involves both federal and state laws. The justice system should be able to find your child but in some cases, an experienced attorney may be necessary to intervene in your particular situation. Parents are entitled to hire an attorney as well as a private investigator, which can be very costly, depending on the severity of your circumstances.

Once your child is back

Once your child is home with you, you can call a Salt Lake City child custody attorney. In many cases, the parent’s custody rights will be terminated on a temporary or permanent basis. It all depends on the circumstances surrounding the specific case.

Enforcing child custody

Every kidnapping case is different and also the violation of the child custody order. There are many possible legal routes to remedy this situation and make sure the child is safe in the future. Among the common penalties for violating a child custody order, you will find jail time and large fines as well as no visitation rights.
International issues
The most difficult cases involving kidnapping are those overseas since you are limited to international laws. If you have any questions regarding your child custody case, a family law attorney who specializes in this specific area can help you.

Kidnapping can be very traumatic for children

Most kidnapped children can suffer post traumatic stress disorder, particularly those children brainwashed by their parents. These children feel their family doesn’t care about them. Custody disputes can become issues that will affect them for the rest of their days. Oftentimes, working within the family law court system is best for all individuals involved in the case, especially for the children. Children don’t need the intervention of a criminal law attorney unless it is really necessary. Some cases may require both criminal and a family law attorneys to work on the case.

Your initial case review

It is important you protect your children, especially during disputes that involve domestic violence and drug abuse. A family law attorney can help you enforce a custody order and find legal protections for your children. You can contact us today and schedule your initial case assessment. We can resolve your child custody dispute and make sure your family is safe.