If you have been researching family law firm blogs and articles, there is one statement you are probably sick of hearing. That statement is, “the terms and timeframes depend on unique circumstances.” For people looking for direct answers, these terms can be somewhat annoying. We hear you, unfortunately as frustrating as they may be they are used so frequently because they are true. In the case of divorce the timeline can be months, and in other cases can go on for as long as a year or more. Cases get concluded faster or slower depending on a wide variety of reasons. Below are some common issues that will affect how long it takes a divorce to become finalized.

What agreements can be easily made?

It is often best to think of your property, assets, and life in general and put a line down the middle. On the other side of that line lies the things that you are willing to part ways with. The reason this analogy is helpful is that many divorces will call for an equal division of assets and marital property. You may find that some things are easy to let go of. An example could perhaps be a set of wave runners that your spouse loves and you have never even used. While other items such as vehicles and the family home could be more contentious and difficult to resolve ownership. We don’t expect every single detail to be easy to agree upon. However, it is important to remember that the more items you can agree with your ex-spouse on the faster the divorce can be resolved.

There is a mandatory waiting period.

The judges of family law courts of Utah have a typically mandatory waiting period of 60 days before things will be finalized. Most judges consider this waiting time to be a good thing and are unlikely to waive it without proper cause. This time is considered a good opportunity to reflect on your situation to ensure that divorce is truly right for you. After all, people can sometimes be known to make mistakes when decision arise from emotions and are hastily made.

Owning a large amount of property can slow things down

We have recently published an article about one of the largest divorce settlements in American history. The owners of Amazon.com are agreeing to an even divorce split and are evenly distributing their massive 137 billion dollar empire between one another. Even though we may not have anywhere near the assets and property, the more there is to divide the longer cases typically take to resolve.

Having children can slow down proceedings as well

Some couples can find it easy to come to agreements on finances and materials, but agreeing to issues when your children are involved can be a completely different issue. Both parties may have stern ideas about what is best for their children. Things like parent time and where the children will primarily live are all issues that can be highly contested. Judges put themselves in a place to determine what will ultimately be in the best interest of the children. If you believe you are going to have a custody fight on your hands it is vital to have an attorney behind you. Contact The Ault Firm today for a case review. Our attorneys can help answer questions and help illuminate where you stand in the eyes of the law.