Many divorcing couples try to avoid a hostile divorce for the sake of their children because they want a respectful relationship once it’s finalized.

However, accomplishing this is easier said than done. Despite what Hollywood portrays in films, divorce does not always need to be an ugly, long, and drawn-out process.

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File for Divorce Together

A joint divorce petition, also known as an uncontested divorce, can be filed together by spouses. With their attorneys, the spouses will work out the terms of their divorce together and come to an agreement both parties can accept. When spouses file a joint petition for divorce, they only need the court to grant their divorce to legally end their marriage because they have already worked out their divorce terms. Additionally, filing for divorce together helps avoid a hostile situation because there is no surprise divorce filing. Moreover, the spouses cannot testify against one another in court in an uncontested divorce, and intimate details of their marriage can be kept confidential.

Find a Skilled Mediator

If an uncontested divorce is out of the picture, divorcing couples may find a mediator helpful. An experienced mediator can help them find common ground and find an agreement when it comes to the terms of their divorce without going to court. You can further protect your rights during mediation with legal representation and counsel.

Refer to Your Prenuptial Agreement

Many contentious and highly disputed issues may already be determined if a couple enters into a marriage with a premarital agreement in place. Prenuptial agreements are used to not only protect people’s property and assets but also to avoid a hostile divorce. However, to be effective, the prenup must be fair to both parties and have been entered into in good faith. Unfortunately, when issues arise about the contract’s terms, a prenuptial agreement can cause more contention than there would otherwise be without the contract.

Seek the Guidance of an Experienced Divorce Attorney

Some individuals believe that hiring an attorney will only make a divorce more hostile. However, a skilled attorney, experienced in family law, can help their client keep their emotions in check so they can focus on the bigger, more important picture. Having a person on your side who is not as emotionally invested in the marriage and understands the ins and outs of the process can help keep the divorce as amicable and hostile-free as possible.

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