How to Dress for Divorce Court

As superficial as it may seem, how your dress for divorce court matters, and there are unspoken norms to follow.

While judging a book by its cover — or being judged on what you wear to your hearing — might seem shallow, it is the way things are. What you choose to wear and how you look can impact the proceedings. Before you get ready for your court date, make sure to read the following to ensure you are appropriately dressed.

Advice on the Best Way to Dress for Divorce Court

Conservative business attire will help you make a great impression during your proceedings. Find something you would wear to a serious, solemn occasion, such as a church meeting or a funeral. To look professional, avoid “loud” colors and styles and select comfortable clothes that fit well that are neither too baggy nor too tight.

Preparing for the courtroom is an important step that should not be skipped. While dressing for court is usually easier for men than it is women, it is vital that everyone take the time to get cleaned up and ready for this important meeting. Men really cannot go wrong with a suit and tie or slacks with a tucked-in dress shirt and blazer. While women should aim for a knee-length or longer skirt or slacks paired with a modest blouse. Here are a few more tips for dressing for the occasion:

  • Whatever you decide to wear, make sure it is clean (looking and smelling) and is ironed. Ironing makes a big difference in these situations. You can immediately go from looking sloppy to looking put together with pressed clothing.
  • Avoid casual clothes like distressed jeans, hats, shorts, tank tops, flip-flops, or t-shirts with graphics or words.
  • Avoid clothing that promotes controversial topics such as politics, drugs, violence, profanities, or sexual acts.
  • Keep jewelry and other accessories to a minimum, as they can be distracting. Keep flashy pieces at home, like diamond earrings and statement necklaces. If in doubt, stick with functional jewelry only, such as a wedding ring or modest wristwatch.
  • Make sure to be well-groomed. This includes a recent shower, a tidy hairstyle, clean fingernails, and, for men, trimmed facial hair. Women should avoid heavy makeup and strong perfumes.
  • Avoid revealing clothing like halter tops, mini skirts, see-through attire, and pieces that reveal undergarments.
  • For women, if you want to wear heels, make sure they are comfortable and that walking is easy.

If you are still unsure what you should wear to the courtroom, it may be useful to consult your lawyer. Moreover, your attorney may know the judge assigned to your case and can provide details on how to leave them with a good impression.

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