Choose the right Utah Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Have you been injured as a pedestrian in Utah, it’s essential that you hire the right lawyer for your pedestrian accident. Spend time interviewing lawyers and find that one that has hundreds of cases like yours or an attorney that will fight for you. Contact Utah Personal Injury Attorneys to get a quote today.


Difference Between Pedestrian Accidents and Auto Accidents

So, how is a pedestrian injury claim any different from an automobile accident claim in Utah? There are many similarities between these two types of claims, but there are also some differences. For example, in a pedestrian injury claim, there is only one vehicle involved, the one that ran over or collided with the pedestrian.


How Long?

How long will it take to resolve your pedestrian accident claim in Utah? Honestly, it depends. It depends on the extent of your injury, your speed of recovery, and negotiations with the driver’s insurance. Some of these cases resolve rather quickly, however, most of them do not. On average, it may take around 2 years to resolve your claim. Something to keep in mind, you should hire an attorney soon after receiving medical assistance for your injuries to avoid going past your statute of limitations. A statute of limitations is a deadline for you to file a claim for an accident with the court. In Utah, the statute of limitations for a pedestrian accident is 2 years. 


Common Mistakes After a Pedestrian Accident

After having been involved in a pedestrian vs. vehicle collision, there are many mistakes that you should avoid. Unfortunately, it is quite common for pedestrians to get hit by a variety of moving vehicles. Many times, after being involved in a wreck, the at-fault driver may examine you, if you are fine they may offer to pay you on the side and not involve the police or emergency medical assistance. This is a horrible idea. 


If you have sustained an injury, no matter how small; you should seek medical attention. Because of the medical bills that you will accrue while you are recovering, you should try to receive compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance. It’s also important to involve the police, as they can investigate and write reports that will aid you to receive compensation for your injuries.


Speaking to the Insurance Company After a Pedestrian Accident

You may ask yourself, is it a good idea to speak to insurance companies by yourself? The answer is definitely no. The reason being is that the insurance company will try to leverage facts to avoid or reduce compensation. It’s important that you deliver the correct information to improve your compensation. You can achieve this by hiring a reputable pedestrian accident attorney in Utah. Our expert lawyers at Utah Personal Injury Attorneys have dealt with many pedestrian cases and we know all the ins and outs of these types of cases. If you should need a strong-willed attorney to fight for you and be on your corner, call us during regular business hours to receive a consultation.