Gambling addiction may not be a problem that is as widely discussed here in Utah.  After all, we don’t have any casinos or legalized gambling in any way.  However many Utahans do suffer from addiction to gambling and all the problems that go with it.  No matter where you live in Utah, the nearest casino is only a few hours away at most.

Moreover, the advent of online gambling has made it so that you can gamble online with only a few clicks of a mouse.  Regardless of your personal moral views on the act of gambling, addiction can lead to problems in your relationships and in many cases a full divorce.

How problems with Gambling can lead to a divorce

We are not here to diagnose or villainize anyone.  However, problems with gambling can cause undue suffering of others, particularly if the person with the problem is the primary breadwinner of the family.  Some signs that of gambling addiction include:

  1. If the person is being secretive about their gambling. In Utah, this could mean sneaking away to Wendover or Las Vegas while you are supposed to be on a business trip or working late at the office.
  2. Gambling when you do not have enough money to responsibly do so.
  3. is someone gambling to pay off debt or have a difficult time controlling your urge to place a bet?

When money has been lost due to gambling it can be difficult to get by.  Financial hardships are one of the leading causes of divorce in Utah.  The impact of this stress can be worsened if being short or rent or utilities came about because the money was lost due to gambling.

What can you expect if you are divorcing someone with a gambling problem?

Most of the time judges and the court system will try to have the divorce be an equal outcome for both parties.  However, if part of the marital assets or property has been lost due to a gambling problem from your spouse, certain measurements may be in place.  For example, if a certain amount of money was lost because one spouse was secretly gambling, that may be considered when assets are being divided.  This is especially the case if the money was taken without the knowledge or consent of both parties.  Although calculations are difficult to anticipate it is worth your time to speak with a local divorce law office.  During a case review, you can speak with a lawyer about how your spouse’s gambling addiction negatively impacted your life or the lives of your children.

Although we may have sympathy for those suffering from addiction, it is not a good reason to suffer with them.  Contact The Ault Firm today if gambling ruined your marriage and you are seeking a divorce from a gambler. (801) 539-9000