Every child deserves the same standard of living as their parents. This shouldn’t be debatable.

Parents that work 40-plus hour weeks often pay mortgages, utility bills, buy food, gas for vehicle, and have little left over for extras. When single-parent households are counting on child support every week, there shouldn’t be excuses as to why the payment isn’t promptly submitted.

Some custodial parents rely on their Salt Lake City child support attorney to get payments directly debited from noncustodial income, when it’s from employers who participate in payroll deductions. Other parents may call noncustodial parents to remind them.

Why are timely payments so important? For starters, children should have to wait.

Payments are specific to children.

Put away reservations that custodial moms are taking child support to purchase glitzy nails and glamourous hairdos. If mothers wanted to get nails done, and children are cared for, who are we to judge their choices?

Child support payments are for maintenance related to children brought into the world. Rent could get paid with it, as could utilities, food, clothing, school and special treats. Children deserve rooves over their growing heads, right?

Remember, payments will benefit children to some capacity. However you feel about the custodial parent’s spending habits is moot; just make sure payments are divvied on-time.

Missed payments hurt everyone.

Should noncustodial parents refuse payment one week, homes could easily fall in arrears with mortgage, sewerage bill, or not have enough for children’s field trip costs. One missed payment can really throw life into an unneeded upheaval.

Sure, your Salt Lake City child support attorney may drag them into court or request the court find the payor in contempt. That certainly doesn’t help your bills get paid, especially if you’re unable to borrow money from family to get by until support comes in.

Why financially hurt children because you’re mad at court or the other parent?

If you’re unable to pay fully, give something.

Courts (and your child) need payments made for the ordered amount. Calculations were made based off noncustodial parent’s imputed income, and were relatively accurate given custodial parent’s contribution. But when parents cannot pay full amounts, something is better than nothing.

Ordered to pay $100 weekly, but hours were cut and only $70 is available? Give something so your child can at least eat and rest peacefully; they’ll go without toys or that special trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s, but at least they’ll have basic needs covered.

Some payment is better than no payment.

Remember, it’s all about the children.

Those working jobs with direct child support payments coming from work, keep up the excellent work. Same with those cash paying noncustodial parents who do whatever is necessary to make sure kids are cared for.

For those caught between jobs, keep fighting. You’ll get something soon; just communicate with court and agencies interested in your progress.

Individuals withholding payments out of spite or aren’t paying anything, remember this: child support is for your child, not the mom. Yes, it’ll go towards rent and some indirect needs which still affect the child. Don’t get caught up in social media hype where parents think support is buying expensive rims or paying for Escalades; your support is going towards the right cause.

You’re welcome to retain a knowledgeable Salt Lake City child support attorney if you’re worried current amount is too much, or the order is too old.