How is Property Divided in a Divorce in Utah?

When a couple divorces, they face many different obstacles that must be settled. Included in that set of issues is the division of property. Dividing assets for a divorcing couple can be a tedious process. If the couple is unable to determine this for themselves, they will turn to the court to dictate their property’s […]

Utah Divorce Waiting Period

By the time you have filed for divorce, you may be completely ready to cut ties with your spouse and move on with life. However, Utah Divorce Law requires that you wait for a certain amount of time before your divorce is finalized. You may have some questions regarding Utah’s required waiting period for divorce, […]

Utah Divorce: The Rules For Recording Text And Audio Conversations With Your Spouse

If you are currently getting divorced, it is paramount to know the rules for keeping records of emails and text messages and recording phone calls and conversations with your spouse. “By keeping records of written electronic communications and recording audio conversations with your spouse before, during, and after divorce, you will always be able to […]