Adopting a child is a wonderful yet costly experience. Many families in Salt Lake City and all across Utah, especially those who cannot conceive, daydream about adopting a child. But many are reluctant to do so because they think they cannot afford adoption.

Unfortunately, adopting a child in Utah is not cheap, but many families exaggerate the costs of adoption. It is true that for an average family in Utah, adoption would be too costly, especially when they do not take advantage of all the potential funding sources provided by the federal and state government.

“The reality is that adoption does not necessarily have to be unaffordable and expensive,” says our Salt Lake City adoption attorney from the Ault Legal. “There are certain tips that will help you overcome the financial burden and challenges of adopting a child in Utah and dramatically reduce the costs of adoption.”

Adopt a waiting child in Utah

Yes, if you go straight to an adoption center or agency or choose to adopt an infant independent, the costs of adoption will bite off a hefty chunk of your wallet. Instead, adopt a waiting child in Utah. Our experienced adoption attorney in Salt Lake City explains that you can minimize the costs of adoption if you adopt a child currently in foster care. Typically, you will have to do this through a public agency.

And the best part is that you will be entitled to get the state to compensate for the costs of the home study for you and your spouse or partner, as a potential family of a waiting child. Post-placement supervision is also covered by the state.

Adopt a foster child in Utah

If you want to save costs on adoption, consider foster adoption. You can significantly minimize the costs of adopting a child in Utah if you adopt a child through the foster system. However, there are many potential risks and challenges a foster parent may face, as the foster system is not exactly easy to navigate without the help of a skilled adoption lawyer.

But the benefits of foster adoption may outweigh the potential risks involved, as foster parents are entitled to receive a monthly allotment to pay for the costs of caring for the foster child. Foster parents are entitled to receive medical assistance if they adopt a foster child. Typically, post-placement supervision will also be either covered or low-cost.

Adoption benefits from your employer

One of the most overlooked potential funding sources for adoption is employee benefits. Many adoptive parents in Salt Lake City and elsewhere in Utah are not aware of the adoption benefits that may be offered by their employer. Granted, not all employers in Utah offer these benefits, but many do. It is advised to consult with your employer’s HR department to find out whether or not you are eligible to receive adoption benefits, which can cover adoption agency fees, medical expenses, post-adoption counseling expenses, and even provide you with parental leave time to bond with or care for a adopted child, among other things.

Payment plans, loans and grants

One of the biggest misconceptions about adopting a child in the U.S. is that adoptive parents have to pay the full cost of the adoption upfront. This is far from reality, as many adoption agencies in Utah offer payment plans and break down the full payment into more affordable monthly payments.

Potential adoptive families in Utah also underestimate the importance and benefits of loans and grants when adopting a child. What many of them do not realize is that the National Adoption Center provides adoption loans and grants for adoptive parents. But you will have to consult with a Salt Lake City adoption attorney in order to find out if you qualify for the NAC’s loans and grants.

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