Being a parent is one of the more rewarding things in life. Not every couple can have biological children. Thankfully, there are other options for having children of their own; many children need a loving family and home and are available for adoption. There are several different types of adoptions in Utah that have their own set of unique laws.

Learn more about the three types of adoption in Utah below.

1. Private Adoption 

Private adoptions are among the most common types of adoption in Utah. Private adoptions involve the birth mother and father and the adoptive parents and can become extremely complex, especially in cases where the birth mother reconsiders.

Private adoptions can be expensive, ranging anywhere from $12,000 to $50,000. Costs can include agency fees, cost of counseling for birth parents, medical care not covered by insurance, home study cost, living expenses for birth parents, and more.

Private adoptions may be open or closed and are arranged and agreed upon before placement. Private adoptions require a rigorous investigation from Social Services and must then be approved by the court which can take several months to complete.

2. Public Adoptions / Foster Care Adoption 

Some children in the foster care system are eligible for adoption. When family members of the birth parents aren’t available to care for the child, and the birth parents’ rights are terminated, children can be adopted. These children have typically undergone trauma, abuse, or neglect. To help with the treatment of this trauma, families who adopt within the foster care system are given financial assistance based on the needs of the child.    

Young kids in foster care are available for adoption but are typically adopted by their foster parents. If you are interested in adopting a young child, you will likely need to become a foster parent first. As a foster parent, you are expected to support a reunification plan for the child and biological parents. It may take several placements before you foster a child available for adoption.

3. International Adoption 

International adoption is similar to private adoption. Each country has its own set of requirements for adoptive families, meaning not all families can adopt from all countries. For example, some countries require couples to be childless or require adoptive parents to be within a specific age range.

The amount of contact the child and birth family have is determined before placement is finalized, but it is important to note that many children can reconnect later in life. Research shows some level of openness is good for children. Many children available for international adoption have spent time in an orphanage or come from a neglectful situation. Families looking to adopt internationally need to be familiar with how this can impact the child longterm.

Children between the ages of six months and 16 years are generally available for adoption. The US government will not approve a visa for children over 16. International adoption ranges in cost from $12,000-$45,000.

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