When one party files for divorce, they must provide the court with grounds for divorce, further complicating this already stressful process.

There are many reasons for divorce; however, the cause must come down to whether the courts consider it an adequate reason. In other words, you must show the court that your marriage has irreversibly broken down and that you require a divorce.

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No-Fault Divorce in Utah

Many couples facing divorce choose to keep certain matters private. Airing dirty laundry in a public setting is not for everybody, and many couples, especially parents, may want to keep somewhat of an amicable relationship post-divorce. To meet the needs of these people, Utah courts allow divorcing couples to pursue a no-fault divorce.

For a judge to grant your divorce, you will need to explain to the court that your marriage has suffered irreconcilable differences. Most judges will not question motives and only require you to testify that you and your spouse cannot work things out. If you cannot prove irreconcilable differences to the court, you may be granted a no-fault divorce if you have lived separately for at least three consecutive years.

Fault Grounds for Divorce in Utah

There are eight fault groups for divorce under Utah divorce statutes in addition to no-fault grounds for divorce:

If you accuse your spouse of incurable insanity or marital misconduct, you must present evidence and prove to the court your claims are true. This may require witness testimonials or medical records.

Other Requirements for Divorce in Utah

Similarly to most other states, Utah has a residency requirement that must be met before filing for divorce that requires the filing party to have been a Utah resident for at least three continuous months. Additionally, Utah places a 30-day waiting period requiring at least 30 days between the date the petition was filed and the date of your divorce hearing unless waived. Either party can request that the waiting period be waived, but they must prove that extraordinary circumstances exist.

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