To successfully obtain a divorce, you need to follow the stringent requirements provided by Utah law. A Utah divorce attorney will be able to walk you through this process so that you do not overlook or miss any steps.

One of the requirements to get a divorce in Utah if you have minor children is to go to specific educational classes or sessions. In fact, you need to meet this obligation before you can go through the mandatory mediation and settlement conference involved in every contested divorce.

Below is an overview of the educational requirements you must meet, but you should talk to Salt Lake City divorce attorney to ensure that you are fulfilling all of your obligations.

Divorce Orientation

The divorce orientation class is roughly an hour in length. It will cost you $30. However, if you take the course within 30 days of filing your petition or 30 days of being served the petition, the class is only $15. This discount does not apply to the online divorce orientation course. The petitioner should attend this class no more than 60 days after the petition is filed, and the respondent should take the course no more than 30 days after being served the petition.

Divorce orientation will go over specific statistics about divorce and give you an overview of the divorce process. It will also touch on resources that a couple can use to improve or strengthen their marriage. Some couples find this information useful and may be able to work out their differences and call off the divorce.

This class will also provide resources and information on custody and support issues outside of the divorce process. Post-divorce resources are also discussed.

Divorce Education

The divorce education class is approximately two hours long and costs $35. The two courses are often offered back to back in a single evening or session.

This class helps parents deal with their children’s reactions to the divorce. It talks about resources and methods that you can use to help your children adjust to the separation and cope with the significant change in their family environment. It will attempt to spell out how children experience divorce and give some insight on what you can expect as a parent, depending on your child’s age and maturity. Communication techniques are also discussed.

The class will also hit on the importance of involving both parents in the child’s upbringing, sharing parenting responsibilities, and ways to encourage cooperative behaviour between parents. The goal behind all of this information is to help parents learn the best methods to support their child through this challenging time.

The divorce education course also talks about the financial and legal aspects of the divorce in general, so you know what to expect as you move through the process.

Divorce Education for Children

The state of Utah also offers a divorce education class that is specifically tailored to children ages 9 to 12. This class is entirely free of charge and is taught by a mental health professional that specializes in this area. This class works with children to encourage better communication with their parents throughout the divorce process. Ideally, the experience will minimize the harmful effects of a divorce on a child.

If you would like more information about these classes or about Utah divorce requirements in general, speak with the Utah divorce attorney today. The Ault Firm is available to answer questions and offer assistance.