Unfortunately, not all divorces are amicable. When faced with divorce, most couples wish to end their relationship peacefully and respectfully. However, many divorces are full of conflict and hostility. In extreme cases, neither spouse can bear to face one another, and divorce becomes an intense, bitter battle between assets, money, and child custody. This is known as a contested divorce.


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What is a Contested Divorce?

When a divorcing couple has disagreements or disputes that need to be resolved through mediation or trial, this is known as a contested divorce. Contested divorces are made up of complicated issues like the division of assets and money, relocation, alimony, child support, and other problems regarding child custody and visitation.


Utah law requires divorcing couples to complete at least one mediation session. However, if the couple cannot resolve their disputes in mediation, the decision will ultimately be determined by the court. 


What is the Process for Contested Divorce?

Here is a more in-depth look at a contested divorce process:



Contested Divorce Tips

Contested divorces take much longer to become finalized than an uncontested divorce, often causing a lot of stress and higher legal fees. However, not all contested divorces need to be a fight to the death; because you and your spouse disagree, it does not mean things need to be unbearably difficult. Here are a few tips for a less complicated contested divorce:



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