It may be tempting to represent yourself in a divorce. Perhaps you’ve done the research and think you know everything about the process. Maybe you and your spouse are on amicable terms, and you don’t want an attorney to intervene. Whatever your rationale, you shouldn’t represent yourself because it can be more expensive than hiring a lawyer. Continue reading to understand why you shouldn’t represent yourself in a divorce.


You’ll Give Up Rights You Aren’t Aware Of

Divorce is far more than being aware of which documents you need and listing the items you want to keep. People mistakenly believe divorces are all about anecdotes and that they’re easier to settle compared to other court cases, but this is far from the truth. To have a fair hearing, you must know how the legal system works, what to fight for, and how to fight for it. 

No amount of watching courtroom television shows or textbook research can prepare you for what’s to come. Not having a lawyer puts you at a disadvantage, especially if your spouse shows up to court with one. 

If you don’t know your rights, how can you ensure you’re getting the best possible outcome? Not having an attorney forces you to fend for yourself in a hostile environment. Trials usually end up in heated arguments, and you may be too focused on someone’s tone rather than fighting for a fair outcome. Moreover, settling without the proper information will cost you significantly more than hiring a divorce lawyer. 


You’ll Deal with a More Frustrating Process

The legal process will inevitably be more stressful without an attorney by your side. For instance, you may not know the rules of evidence, and you won’t understand why you can’t use certain items as proof. 

Remember, judges are objective, and it’s not their job to advocate for you. They aren’t looking out for your best interests, and it’s not their job to hold your hand through the process. 

On the other hand, an attorney will let you know what to expect, prepare you for your hearing, fight for your rights, and ensure your best interests are considered. Working with one will also expedite court hearings because they know the ins and outs of the legal system. 

The sooner you can get through these hearings, the faster you can move on and heal.


You Won’t Be Equipped to Handle Unforeseen Issues

Though you may think you and your spouse have everything worked out, don’t let your guard down. When it comes to divorce, both parties have their own list of demands, and your interests aren’t aligned. What if your spouse changes their mind about alimony or child support in the middle of a trial? You can trust your spouse, but always put yourself first.


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