Here we are again – the holiday season is upon us. What a spectacular time of the year. Family, friends, joy, and love. While traveling to visit loved ones or perhaps trying to conquer the myriad of holiday errands we have, please utilize care and caution – primarily if some of Utah’s “Greatest Snow on Earth” is covering the roadways. A few extra minutes of your time may prove to be invaluable. Below are some safety tips and tricks for driving in the winter:

Steps to Keeping you Car Safe 

Clean and defrost your windows properly before operating your vehicle. This includes your outside cameras and side mirrors. Failure to do so may obstruct your vision. It will help if you allow your car to warm up before driving it.

Check your tire pressure. Cold weather causes the stress in your tires to drop as the temperatures drop. Cold weather also may cause your battery power to drop.

Put snow tires on your vehicle or ones that have a deep tread. This will aid your tires in gripping the road better and preventing you from sliding. If you are using all-season tires, make sure their tread is at least 2/32 of an inch. It is recommended that you put a pair of snow and tire chains in your vehicle as you never know when they might be required. If your car does start to skid, steer in the direction of the skid. This will help you avoid having to over-correct when your vehicle does regain traction.

Keep your gas tank half full. In severe cold weather, your gas line can freeze. Keeping your tank at least half full will help to avoid this winter driving issue.

Check your wiper blades and replace them if needed. You will also want to put windshield wiper fluid in your vehicle rated for -30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Be sure to accelerate and decelerate slowly. Also, leave the following distance of 8 to 10 seconds between vehicles. Extra following times in winter weather is a tremendous precaution to avoid a possible accident. Do not use cruise control in winter driving conditions. You will need to be alert to what is happening around you, slowing, stopping, and utilizing caution.

Always remember to buckle up and take your time in getting to your destination. Nothing is worth risking your safety or your family’s safety. Embrace all the feelings, joy, and happiness this season brings – safely.