Divorce is a common reality many couples face in their first marriage. The current divorce rate for couples in their first marriage, according to recent studies, is 41%. The divorce rate for subsequent marriages, such as a second and third marriage, is even higher. There are many reasons why individuals who have already divorced are more likely to divorce again. 

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What is the Divorce Rate for Second and Third Marriages?

As the number of marriages increases, so does the divorce rate. Though the divorce rate for first marriages has dropped over the decades, the same cannot be said for second and third marriages. Recent studies report that 60% of second marriages and 73% of third marriages end in divorce. 

5 Reasons Why Second and Third Marriages End in Divorce


Why Do Second and Third Marriages Often Result in Divorce?

There are many reasons why individuals who have been previously divorced are likely to divorce again. Some of these reasons include fear of commitment or failure, baggage, rushing into marriages, and failing to take personal responsibility,

Commitment Fears — Many individuals have a difficult time committing to a long term relationship. Marriage requires two people to nourish and care for the relationship. One person cannot carry the load for long when the other person loses interest. In many cases, a lack of commitment can lead to disinterest, and in extreme situations, infidelity. When a person does not feel the desire or responsibility to stick to their wedding vows, some indiscretions can be made.

Fear of Failure — When a first marriage ends in divorce, another marriage can feel incredibly daunting. Many people carry this “failure” into their future relationships, which can affect them greatly. They seem to think that because they failed once, they will fail again.

Baggage — When a couple divorces, that does not necessarily mean it is the end of the responsibilities that came with the marriage. These responsibilities from past marriages can include children, debt, an ex-spouse, and more and can sometimes negatively affect the next marriage.

Failing to Take Responsibility — Many divorced individuals have a hard time taking responsibility from their failed marriage and play the blame game. Failing to learn from past mistakes can lead you to make them in the future. The great philosopher, George Santayana, said, “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

Rushing into Marriages — Rushing into relationships after a divorce, before you’ve had time to heal, is usually not a good idea. Many of these “rebound relationships” lasting fewer than two years are likely to end in divorce. 


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