You have likely heard the old statistic that 50% of American marriages end in divorce. That statistic comes from the 1980s and is a bit outdated. Since then, the divorce rate is dropping (with a few small inclines, here and there). While the number of divorces in the United States is dropping, it does not necessarily indicate that more marriages are withstanding the test of time.


Find out why the American divorce rate is dropping below.


Divorce Rates Throughout the Years

Why is the Divorce Rate Dropping?As previously stated, America’s divorce rate has been on the decline since the 1980s. The CDC reports that there are 161,962 fewer American divorces in 2018 than there were in 2000. Their study also shows that the United States’ divorce rate began to decline in the early 1990s. Since then, it has continued on a general downward trend.  


As our chart shows, in 2000, there were 4.0 divorces per 1,000 population, and by 2018, it dropped to 2.9. In recent studies, experts are finding that couples have close to a 61% chance of staying married. This sounds like great news! However, it does not mean what you think it might.


Why is the Divorce Rate Dropping?

Many people believe the declining divorce rate numbers indicate more couples are staying married. While this true, it does not entirely give the answers we are seeking. Divorce is on the decline because more and more young people are waiting to get married. The divorce rate is dropping because there is a drop in marriages, too. Couples are choosing to cohabitate before tying the knot or are opting out of marriage altogether. Research suggests that today’s couples who are living together but are not married are not as stable as they once were.


Additionally, generations past seemed to have gotten married regardless of their circumstances. It seems millennials and Generation X-ers live life a bit differently from those of generations past. Recent surveys show that these younger generations are opting to marry after finishing school and further establishing their careers and finances. 


Though there is a drop in marriages and divorces, the collected data implies that today’s marriages last longer than those from decades before. It seems that the younger generations are making better decisions about marriage and that today’s marrying couples are more privileged than they used to be. Education is more accessible than that of 20, 30, or more years ago, giving social and economic stability to marrying couples.


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