Benefits of Joint Child Custody

Parents are very important in their children’s lives. When a tragic event such as a divorce occurs, children may need their parents’ support and care more than ever before. This is why joint child custody may be the most beneficial approach to a divorce. Joint physical custody is not always possible. The child generally ends up having more time with one parent than the other. The location and circumstances surrounding the divorce play an important role in making those decisions. Contact a Salt Lake City divorce attorney to handle your divorce case.

Among some of the common benefits of joint physical custody include:

    • Children get to live with both parents – This allows children to keep a strong and balanced relationship with both parents. They can equally love and be loyal to both parents without unnecessary conflict or fear of losing them. It’s simply one less stress for a child who already had to suffer the emotional consequences of a divorce.
    • Emotional stability – Children will definitely benefit from seeing their parents working together. Although some parents may be resentful, setting aside their differences to benefit their children can contribute to their children’s emotional stability.
    • Lessens the sense of rejection – Children often feel rejected when their parents get divorced and one spouse moves out. When children continue seeing both parents this sense of rejection is lessen and the child’s self-esteem improves.
    • Less responsibility and stress for the parents – Raising children can be a lot of hard work. With shared custody, parents share the burden and split the responsibilities.

Some disadvantages

In order to set more realistic goals related to child custody, divorced parents should consider a few disadvantages:

  • It can be a bit stressful for children to be moving around from one home to the other. They need time to adjust, especially small children.
  • Joint child custody may not be a good idea for every couple. Couples who disagree a lot create a negative environment that is not beneficial to their children.
  • Some parents may have other responsibilities. Sometimes some parents such as military spouses who are deployed overseas or a parent with a leadership position at work can’t evade these responsibilities to take care of their children. Joint custody may place a burden they are not able to bear.

We are here for you

Many divorce attorneys have found out that joint custody may not be the best option in all child custody cases. Some parents are not willing to work together and choose what’s best for the child. Whatever your circumstances are, it’s important you hire an attorney that represents your interests. With a good Salt Lake City child custody attorney on your side, you will be able to understand in more depth the pros and cons of joint child custody. Contact us today and we’ll help you make all the important decisions related to your divorce.

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