Ask any Salt Lake City family law attorney and they can tell you hundreds of stories about why couples file for divorce. Maintaining a committed relationship takes hard work. Even marriages that last for 10 or even more than 20 years can fall apart. There are a variety of reasons why marriages fail. Infidelity, financial problems, issues in the bedroom or just simply irreconcilable differences are among the most common. But there is one common denominator that often leads to a breakup–a lack of communication. While many couples in Utah turn to counseling, there is another option–divorce mediation.

What Is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation gives both parties the opportunity voice their marital questions and concerns to an independent mediator. It provides a constant open line of communication that has saved many marriages. Under Utah family law, couples who file for divorce are required to attend at least one mediation session.

How a Mediator Can Help?

Divorce is often a process filled with acrimony. It is not unusual for both parties to get combative. After all, there is a lot at stake–the custody of your children, the division of assets along with who will pay for alimony and child support. Mediators are required to be unbiased and completely independent. Their function is to listen to both sides and to provide constructive feedback. An effective mediator is able to break down the walls and barriers that often plague a troubled marriage. There is an emphasis on providing constructive solutions rather than having both parties bicker back and forth. It also gives both parties an opportunity to list their spouse’s point of views with constructive dialogue. Depending on the situation, mediators generally encourage both parties to seek solutions. However, not all marriages are built to last. In some cases, divorce may be in the best interest of both parties.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Mediation

Before starting divorce mediation, it is important to make sure you address the important issues that are causing friction in your marriage. Sometimes it is important to look inward and evaluate how you can improve the situation. Here are some key questions to ask yourself.

Contact The Ault Firm for Salt Lake City Divorce Mediation

As an experienced family law attorney, Christopher M. Ault understands many of the challenges and obstacles facing many couples in the troubled marriages. In addition to his duties as a Salt Lake City divorce attorney, he also provides mediation services for couples seeking solutions. Unlike divorce, mediation is far less expensive and acrimonious. There are no guaranteed solutions to saving a marriage. However, participating in mediation has helped many couples reconcile and go on to healthy marriages. To learn more, contact the Salt Lake City family law offices at The Ault Firm and schedule a mediation session.