How Early Can You Do a Paternity Test?

Establishing paternity as soon as possible is incredibly important for some women or couples expecting a baby. There are many reasons why determining paternity at the earliest time is crucial, though most reasons are incredibly personal. Whether you are unsure who the biological father is, you are merely wanting to plan for the future, or […]

What is Paternity?

Paternity means fatherhood. When a husband and wife have a child, the law recognizes them as the child’s parents. Both mother and father, under Utah law, share the same rights and responsibilities for this child. When the mother and father of a child are not married to one another, the father of the child does […]

Mother’s Rights in Utah

Although Utah is a seemingly conservative state, there are still some benefits available to mothers, whether single or married. It is important mothers seek legal representation from a qualified Salt Lake City mother rights attorney with experience on important family law matters such as child custody, child visitation, child support, and so on. An experienced […]

Everyone wants a Super Dad

  No doubt fathers are very important in the lives of their children. They have been the primary authority in the home for centuries and the most influential figure in all family-related matters. After women joined the workforce, the roles began to change but fathers can still influence their children quite a lot. Whether at […]

What Every Unwed Father Should Know About Paternity

The American family has changed. Nowhere is that more apparent than in Utah. There was a time when men and women were expected to get married and have children. However, there are now more unwed couples throughout the state having children than ever before. There are some consequences unmarried men with children may later face. […]