The decision to file for divorce in Utah does not happen overnight. All relationship go through rocky periods. When children are involved, the decision become even more complicated. Sometimes it helps to get an objective opinion. One of the biggest reasons marriages fail is due to a lack of communication. In many cases, troubled couples are rarely on the same page. If you or your spouse are considering a divorce, it may be beneficial to seek assistance from a Salt Lake City mediation attorney. Here is how a divorce mediation can help.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Mediation is the process where couples can resolve their disputes through a third-party mediator who can objectively listen to each party’s questions and concerns and provide valuable feedback. Utah family law currently requires all couples filing for divorce to participate in at least one session of mediation. In many cases, mediation can be an effective tool that has save countless marriages across the state. The most common issues discussed during mediation include:

Child custody and parental time sharing
The distribution of property, assets and liability
Child support

Healthy Dialogue

When a marriage is going through tough times, it’s not unusual to build emotional walls. Communication becomes almost non existent. As a result, many people involved in struggling marriages have little idea of what goes on in the daily lives of their spouse or have any empathy. During mediation, both parties have an opportunity to air their grievances and discuss their issues without any pressure. It also allows both parties to negotiate with each other in complete confidence.

Cost Effective Solutions

Divorce does not come cheap. A long drawn out divorce battle can bring significant legal expenses. Then there is the court’s determination for a settlement, which includes alimony and child support issues. Mediation not only costs less than conventional divorce, it can also resolve many of the issues the result in divorce.

Objective Analysis

Mediators are the key to success. They must always remain neutral and provide insightful analysis to help both parties move forward during this difficult time in their lives. Because each couple’s circumstances are different, it is vital to have a mediator with significant experience and knowledge in Utah family law.


Change rarely happens quickly. When it comes to resolving family problems, there are no quick fixes. It takes hard work from both parties to resolve these issues. Unfortunately, some marriages cannot be salvaged. However, choosing the right mediator can place both parties in the best position to succeed.

A Salt Lake City Mediation Attorney Can Help

Divorce attorney Christopher M. Ault understands the obstacles and challenges facing his clients. In addition to providing legal representation and counsel, he also provides divorce mediation Salt Lake City. Over the years, he has helped countless couples resolve their marital issues by providing sound advice and legal solutions. To learn more on how a Salt Lake City mediation attorney can help, contact The Ault Firm and schedule an appointment.