At the Ault Firm, we know that a divorce can be a very difficult time for everyone involved. There are many factors that go into divorce settlements. The length of marriage, who gets what property, and whether or not alimony will be paid are just a few things that need to be examined. When children are involved, the situation can become even more emotional when dealing with custody arrangements, child support, and visitation.

Many times, people think that divorce settlements are final. That’s not necessarily true. Lifestyle and income changes can alter settlements and may require going back to court. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to change part of your divorce settlement, or your former spouse is trying to change the settlement, you may need a divorce attorney in Salt Lake City. At the Ault Firm, we specialize in family law and are ready to help you.

Alimony Modifications

When the court decides whether or not someone will receive alimony in a divorce, many things are examined. The lifestyle of both parties during the marriage is taken into account. As much as possible, a judge will try to ensure that the spouse receiving alimony will have the same lifestyle after the divorce.

You may need a modification on alimony if the paying spouse see a dramatic increase in their income and standard of living, whether through remarriage or a new job. An alimony increase will especially be considered if the circumstances for the divorce were due to an element of improper conduct such as cheating by the paying spouse.

You may also need to petition to stop paying alimony if the receiving spouse is avoiding getting married, yet living with a new partner, in order to continue receiving alimony. In a case like this, petitioning the court to end alimony payments is possible.

Child Arrangement Modifications

Divorce is hardest on the children involved, no matter what custody arrangements are decided by the court. At the Ault Firm, we realize that, over time, there may be a need to petition the court for modifications to custody arrangements or child support payments.

If you lost sole or joint custody during a divorce settlement because your lifestyle or standard of care you could provide your child, we recognize that your situation may improve over time. If you were an alcoholic or drug addict and have received treatment, you may be able to get a modification of custody if you pass social service inspections and interviews.

If the spouse who has sole or joint custody is no longer able to care for your child in an appropriate manner, you may need to petition the court for a modification.

What To Do

If you find yourself in a situation where you think a modification is needed to a divorce settlement, you don’t have to do it alone. The legal system in Utah concerning divorce can be confusing and you may need a divorce attorney in Salt Lake City. The Ault Firm can help through the modification process every step of the way. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 801-539-9000.