We all get married thinking the person we are choosing will be the one we spend the rest of our lives with because of this we wait until we find the right one. Rarely do we take into consideration that things such as age or other factors may affect our life choice and end up turning our happily ever after into misery. Unfortunately, new studies have found that marriages that occur after the age of thirty-five are more likely to end in divorce.

The hurdles of getting married after your mid-thirties:

“Getting married in mid-thirties can be more challenging than getting married earlier on, due to the difficulty of adjusting to the challenges of being a ‘we-some’ rather than just looking after and catering for the needs of only ‘me’,” a relationship guru and matrimonial consultant, Sheela Mackintosh Stewart, recently stated.

The reason she said for this was that after a certain age you reach job positions and social positions that have “responsibilities, staff and some traveling, all requiring time, effort, energy and added stress impinging on important spousal and family time.”

To add to this marrying at a later age means that not only are you set in certain ways of behaving that can be selfish, uncompromising and less flexible but you also have to pack your marriage into a shorter time frame. This means things such as children and other aspects of married life have to happen a lot faster than for couples who marry younger.

The data:

Recently Nicholas Wolfinger, a professor of family and consumer studies at the University of Utah found after extensive research that adults who marry after thirty-five face a greater chance of divorce than any other age group. He pinpointed after mid-twenties and before mid-thirties as the optimum age to get married.

In a study conducted by The National Survey of Family Growth of people aged 15 and 45 between 2006 to 2010 found divorce rates to be at their highest than ever for people in their late twenties and early thirties. The data also pointed out the extremely high number of divorces for people who got married after 35

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