Facts About Divorce in Utah

If you are thinking about untying the knot in Utah, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. Just like in every state, Utah has some laws you should be familiar with in order to better prepare for your divorce. Divorce is a complicated process and even more so when you attempt to handle it on your own. This is why hiring a Salt lake City divorce attorney is so essential to the outcome of your divorce case.

A few facts to keep in mind

  • People in Utah generally get married while really young, which means lower incomes and more financial struggles. Financial hardship is one of the leading causes in many divorce cases.
  • Divorce rates are higher in Utah. Some studies show that’s generally due to couples having larger families.
  • You may be judged when the church finds out you are getting a divorce. People are curious by nature. Don’t be surprised if you hear insensitive comments.
  • You will have to attend a divorce education class before finalizing your divorce. This is a requirement only when children are involved.
  • You have to file for divorce in the county you live and should have lived there for over 3 months.
  • Common law marriages are valid.
  • Unless you really have a good cause, the court will not grant the divorce until at least 90 days.
  • Assets are divided equitable but not necessarily a 50/50 type of deal.
  • Child support doesn’t include medical expenses, insurance or daycare.
  • The child’s preference is not considered when awarding child custody.
  • Alimony is awarded based on the spouse’s’ financial situation and it can be awarded to either of them.
  • Violating the divorce agreement can lead to major consequences.

Parenting after divorce

It’s particularly difficult for parents going through a divorce to spend quality time with their children. Co-parenting is usually the best approach as it will take off some of the burden off their shoulders. But this is not always the case. There are often disagreements that only a Salt lake City divorce attorney can handle. Kids with disagreeing parents often suffer the harsh consequences of a divorce. It’s important parents don’t talk bad about their spouses in front of the children. This will only cause confusion and an unstable environment.

Don’t do it alone

Divorce can take a toll on your life. It’s both physically and emotionally demanding. This is why you should seek professional assistance to help the process go smoother. Whether through counseling, local support groups, or hiring a Salt lake City divorce attorney you will have the resources you need to start your new life afresh.

Nobody said it’ll be easier but it’s possible.

A few years from now you’ll look back and see what a wonderful life you have made and how things worked out for the best. If you need someone to talk to about your situation, call us today. Our first consultation can help you figure out all the legal details involved in your divorce process.

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