Divorce can take a toll on your relationship with your child. All the spontaneity and the fun times spent together soon become a thing of the past. You may also need time for yourself to recover from the physically draining child custody & child support battles and to heal your emotional wounds. Children need their parents and when they don’t spend enough time they may feel betrayed. Contact a Salt Lake City divorce attorney to help you make a smooth transition into your new life.

Your first step

There is not a perfect solution for such a complex problem. Relationships are complicated and unique but they have something in common. They take time to build. It’s just like a plant. If you don’t water it, it’ll eventually die. But there is something good in every relationship. If good seeds were planted, they will germinate. Take the initiative. Tell your child you care and and make the effort to spend more time together. This is the first and most important step.

Live the now

Yesterday is gone. All you have is the now. Ask your child about projects they are working on, friends in school, if they are being bullied. Children love when you get involved in their whereabouts. Forget the past. The time you couldn’t spend together. Today is a good day to start. Don’t talk bad about your ex. As imperfect as he or she might be, children need both parents when growing up. Also, don’t share your problems with your kids. This is a happy time for both of you. A time to disconnect from all the misery and discomfort you may feel in your daily routine.


If you are not one of those who like organizing your life, now is a good time to begin. Preparing a schedule with your child will help them anticipate this fun time together. Don’t get frustrated if your child has a bad day. Things will fall into place and your relationship will grow. It’s like a tiny plant that you nurture and it grows beautifully.

Advice to long-distance parents

Sometimes parents have to relocate after a divorce. Perhaps because they found higher-paying job or they wish to live with family to save up some money. Whatever you do, make sure you communicate with your child on a regular basis. As a parent, is your responsibility to reach out and find creative ways to let your child know you care for them. Thanks to technology you can now have free video calls and ask your child as many long questions as you wish. Work closely with your ex that way you can talk to your child when you need to.

A Salt Lake City child custody attorney can help you reconnect

If you need to spend more time with your child and you want to make it legal, contact a Salt Lake City child custody attorney. There are ways to arrange a schedule that fits your time and availability. Attorneys have the legal experience required to request new visitation arrangements in Court. This is particularly true if your ex is difficult to get along with. Contact us today and schedule your initial consultation.