Your divorce is finalized and now you are trying to pick up your life after this process. One of the biggest and most heart-wrenching parts of divorce is losing custody of a child. The thought of not being able to see them whenever you like is a tremendous burden.

Even after a divorce, a very healthy and fulfilling relationship can be attained with your child or children.

Honoring the court order regarding visitation rights, being active in their lives, and avoiding broken promises are all steps you can take to help build and maintain a connection with children that you don’t have custody of.

Honor The Court Order

Always follow the visitation rights that the court has outlined. This is the most important part of building a connection with your child. This builds trust with your ex-spouse, the court system, and your child. If you follow the visitation rights, this could open up an avenue of receiving more visitation time. However, not following the court order could lead to the removal of visitation rights. If you do not have visitation rights or you would like to try and change the rights that you have, you can file a petition with the court to have this changed.

Be An Active Member In Their Life

Being active in your child’s life is one of the most important things a parent can do after divorce. Take time to learn what your child is doing. If they are in a program, a member of a sports team, or in a club, be involved. Go to performances, games, or activities, and when you are not able to make it, follow up with them on how it went. Take them on activities where you both share interests. This will help build or maintain the relationship that you had before the divorce. Remember to follow the visitation rights that the court has established.

Avoid Broken Promises

When you are a parent of a child that you don’t have custody of, it is a common feeling to want to give them the world. This is not a bad feeling; it drives you to be a good parent. However, this can get parents into difficult situations if they promise their children things that they cannot fulfill. When these promises are broken, it puts a strain on a relationship that has already been through a lot. Remember, your child doesn’t need you to be the “perfect parent”, they just want you to be their parent.

Losing a custody battle can be very defeating. You may feel that you are going to lose your children forever. Don’t worry, all is not lost. You can still have a great relationship with your child after losing custody of them. Honoring the court order of visitation rights, being an active member in their life, and avoiding broken promises are all ways to help build and maintain a relationship with your child after a divorce.