When you get married and start a family, we know you plan out your entire lives based on the idea that it will last forever. Nobody gets married and plans on divorce. Unfortunately, not all marriages last, despite the effort you may put into them.

When you do separate from your spouse, we know it can be a difficult and emotional time. If there are children involved, it can be even more difficult, as they may not understand what is going on. At The Ault Firm, we want to help you through this situation in the best way possible.

If you need a family law attorney in Salt Lake City, our experienced attorneys will work with you patiently through issues of divorce, child support and custody, alimony, visitation, and more.


Before you begin the divorce process in Utah, state law requires at least one mediation session to be completed in order to work out any differences and possible reconciliation. This is required in the hopes that divorce is avoidable and the family gets to remain together. While your mediator doesn’t have to be a licensed attorney, our family law attorneys are also mediators. Hopefully, any differences can be worked out during mediation. Whether the divorce is inevitable or not, the mediation process can keep the case out of court and make the situation easier for everyone involved. If you choose to use the Ault Firm for both mediation and divorce proceedings, then the process will be smoother because we will already be familiar with your case.

If you do end up getting divorced, there are many things that need to be ironed out. If you have property, it will need to be determined who gets what. If alimony payments are necessary, a fair amount for both sides needs to be reached so that both spouses can lead normal lives.

Children Involved

The most emotional part of any divorce often revolves around what happens with the children. In Utah, both parents are responsible for child support. The courts will work to determine a fair amount based on multiple factors such as income and what type of custody arrangements have been made.

If one parent has sole custody, you may need help from an attorney when working out a visitation schedule so that the other parent can be involved in the child’s life. The Ault Firm will work with both sides and the court to handle this delicate situation.

What To Do

Family law attorneys work with and handle difficult situations. At the Ault Firm, we are experienced in the family law arena and understand all processes involved. If you need a Salt Lake City family attorney, we want you to know that our attorneys are compassionate and understanding. We understand you are going through a difficult time and we want to help you come to an acceptable solution for you, your former spouse, and your children. Whether you need mediation, divorce assistance, or help with child support and custody, we are here for you. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 801-539-9000.